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I have been asked many times just why Neil Diamond and his music means so much to me, and the answer is not easy. Twenty-five years ago, when I was a young bride I was first made aware of his unique ability to make me smile by my husband. He was in the Air Force and had been gone overseas for several months...one day a package was delivered and inside the box was a large plastic bag, and inside the bag I found three things....a note, one of his uniform shirts and a Neil Diamond record. The shirt still held the smell of his cologne and the note said simply to put on the shirt and start to listen to the record at 10:00 pm on Saturday night. Since it was only Wednesday, it was very hard to do as he asked, but I put everything back into the plastic bag that it had come in and waited. On Friday morning a letter arrived, and on the outside of the envelope there was a note that said do not open until 10:00 pm Saturday night. It was difficult to resist the temptation to just peek at the letter, but I did as I was asked.

Bye the time that 10:00 Saturday night rolled around I was more than ready to see what was in store for me.....so I put on his shirt, placed the record on the machine and started to open the letter.......inside was a simple note that told me to listen carefully to the songs and to feel his love for me as I sat wrapped in his arms (via the shirt).....and that he was sitting in his room across the world listening to his copy of the same record at the same time..................................

Yes, it was incredibly romantic, and the miles seemed to lessen as we both sat listening to the same songs. I spent the entire night listening to the record over and over and by the time that morning came I was forever bound to Mr. Neil Diamond!

Though twenty-five years have passed, and my husband left this world nine years ago, the love for the music has never diminished. Neil Diamond's songs have seen me through the birth of my two wonderful sons, the loss of my husband and mother, and the rebirth of love. Terry, Yrret came into my life four years ago, and as luck was with me, he loves "The Man" too!

I can remember that my husband could not listen to "Sweet Caroline" without having tears come into his eyes, and that "I am I said" became my personal favorite from the first time that I heard it. My two sons grew up hearing all of Neil Diamond's songs and have shared the joy of his music through our rough periods and happy times...they are now 25 and 22 and can still appreciate sharing Neil's music, although now they seem to enjoy a wider variety of music, I can't help but think that their music roots were started long ago as they each picked their own favorite Diamond songs to listen to.

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